Lafuma Mobilier

A standout brand in the world of outdoor furniture, LAFUMA Mobilier has been innovating throughout its 60 years while staying faithful to its DNA. The company stands at the intersection of design inspired by Bauhaus architecture and French Chic.

Discover the PRIVILEGE range, designed for your most relaxing moments! Try the combination of French-style elegance with the high quality of a product that is “Made in France”. With a unique design, clean and refined lines, the products in the PRIVILEGE range reflect an aesthetic, free way of living.

Wide ranging influences, the Privilege stories


OPALE is inspired by the cool breeze and soft light of a summer evening. With its warm summer tones, this new collection will take you on a journey of a thousand possibilities. The white Kaolin tubing emphasises the silhouette of products covered with mineral-inspired fabrics: Argile, Ocre and Celadon. A special weave provides these fabrics with great aesthetic richness, and enhances their comfort.


GORDES, which has its roots in the south of France, deep in the Luberon area, known for its beautiful villages. Latte, Onyx and Jade, will captivate you with their naturally muted colours, both calming and softly relaxing, inspired by the hues of rocks and rivers. The common theme of this design, the Titane frame, attracts with its look of timeless and determined modernity.


New TUNDRA, where style meets comfort! Discover this ultra-trendy super soft texture, with ready-made accents. A soft padded technical fabric, designed for indoor/outdoor use, offering good resistance to the weather and everyday wear and tear. All its technical qualities make this textile the ideal partner for your leisure.


The essential Indoor/Outdoor pieces.
In 2020, LAFUMA Mobilier is launching a complete line of decor accessories: BEAULIEU trays, SELENE throws, MELYA rugs, and ERÔME cushions. This variety of designs, materials and colours is proof that outdoor living is every bit as good as indoor design.

French designer and manufacturer since 1954

    Lafuma Mobilier - Comfort is our trade

    Comfort is our trade

    Switching off and rediscovering the time to live is also to rediscover the time for ideas, for self-fulfilment, for refocusing on what is meaningful in our existence.
    LAFUMA MOBILIER, all too aware of this, wishes to become part of this quest for well-being.
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    Lafuma Mobilier - Our style

    Our style

    Unique brand in the world of outdoor funrniture, LAFUMA MOBILIER is a genuine symbol of French know-how. A company that has never stopped innovating in 60 years while remaining faithful to its style, to the intersection of design inspired by Bauhaus architecture and French Chic.
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    Lafuma Mobilier - Our commitments

    Our commitments

    Comfort is our trade, good sense is in our nature and well-being is our mission.
    LAFUMA MOBILIER, it is a Drôme departmental brand that seeks to make eco-design, local production and the traceability of materials central to its thinking.
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